Hello and Welcome!

My name is Germaine Liu.  I am a Toronto-based musician and I love to cook and make jewelry.  My interest in jewelry making started several years ago when I worked at a boutique that featured works by local artists.  I was fascinated by their work and had a deep desire to create pieces myself. 

After a year or two of self-teaching, figuring out techniques and countless hours of experimentation in addition to the encouragement and support of my friends and family, I finally designed my own collection of jewelry and launched a website featuring an online portfolio of my work in January 2012.

Like other artists, I share a strong sense of passion for my work and I am constantly craving to create and explore new ideas and designs.

My designs range from simple to sometimes over-the-top.  Although, within that scale I am definitely more drawn to making intricate pieces that take an incredibly long time to create [the longest has been 20+ hours to create one piece, no joke].  I enjoy starting from a small idea and then building gradually until it becomes a large "statement" piece.  I also enjoy making small pieces that sometimes have an equal amount of intricacy which I find to be an interesting and challenging limitation for me. 

I love to work with lots of colours and textures.  Some materials I use include semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls and shells, nickel-free silver/gold-plated chains and charms, wood, faux-suede, vinyl, wire and seed beads.  Sometimes I only use one type of material, other times I combine them in different ways.

The two main approaches that I use for my creations include beading and wire-wrapping.  Some of my pieces are free-form which involves a bit of improvising, other times my approach is more methodical where I create specific patterns.


Thank you for visiting and I hope my work inspires you!​


Feel free to check out my facebook page for updates and new creations!

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